K-Lifestyle Playground where you can find and share the Korean lifestyle and culture.

DATE12th November (SAT) 10AM – 6PM (MYT)
13th November (SUN) 10AM – 4PM (MYT)

DATE12th Nov (SAT) 10AM – 6PM (MYT)
13th Nov (SUN) 10AM – 4PM (MYT)


There is a chance to receive concert tickets by attending events at exhibitions during the festival.

On 13th November (SUN), all exhibition programs will be closed at 4PM.
The audiences for the MOKKOJI CONCERT may enter to the hall from 4:30PM.


MINI STAGE is special performance stage where not only Korean artists and local influencers but also local Hallyu fans perform together.

DAY 1 ┃ 12 NOV (SAT)

10:00 ~ 10:30
10:30 ~ 11:00K-Lifestyle and Culture OX Quiz Game
11:00 ~ 11:30K-Beauty Class with make-up artist Bia Shin
11:30 ~ 12:00
12:00 ~ 12:30
12:30 ~ 13:00
13:00 ~ 13:30K-POP Dance Performance
13:30 ~ 14:00
14:00 ~ 14:30CAST Quiz + Roulette Dart Event
14:30 ~ 15:00
15:00 ~ 15:30K-Lifestyle and Culture Mini-Talk
15:30 ~ 16:00
16:00 ~ 16:30K-Food Cooking Class
16:30 ~ 17:00
17:00 ~ 17:30Lucky Draw for K-POP Goods
17:30 ~ 18:00K-POP Random Play Dance

DAY 2 ┃ 13 NOV (SUN)

10:00 ~ 10:30
10:30 ~ 11:00HIGH-FIVE EVENT with BLANK2Y
11:00 ~ 11:30
11:30 ~ 12:00
12:00 ~ 12:30
12:30 ~ 13:00HIGH-FIVE EVENT with Moonbin & Sanha
13:00 ~ 13:30
13:30 ~ 14:00K-Beauty Class with make-up artist Bia Shin
14:00 ~ 14:30
14:30 ~ 15:00HIGH-FIVE EVENT with Jeon Somi
15:00 ~ 15:30
15:30 ~ 16:00Lucky Draw for K-POP Goods
K-Lifestyle and Culture OX Quiz Game

※ This schedule is subject to change.


Must-eat Korean dishes such as Bulgogi, Japchae, Tteokbokki, Gimbap, Kimchi etc. can be tasted and bought.

  • Gimbap
  • Tteokbokki
  • Bulgogi
  • Japchae
  • Korean Beverage


MOKKOJI SQUARE is a space where local Hallyu fans can enjoy and experience diverse Korean culture such as K-drama, webtoons, games, and more.

  • SCHOOL ZONEKorean school uniform experience and Photo-shoot, Top loader decoration, Creating names with Hangeul(Korean alphabet).
  • TRAVEL ZONETravel to Korea with VR video, Exhibition of tourist attractions in K-dramas, etc.
  • DRAMA ZONEK-dramas exhibitions, Costume experiences and Korean lifestyle experiences from K-dramas
  • WEBTOON ZONEK-webtoons exhibitions, Korean lifestyle and culture experiences from K-webtoons
  • PLAY ZONEKorean games (Yut-play, Sabangchigi, Tuho, Slap-match), Korean living goods making (traditional knot, folk painting, fan, eco-bag, mask, etc.)
  • K-COMMUNITY ZONEIntroduction and Networking Programs of K-Communities


MOKKOJI MARKET is a space where Korean enterprises and institutions in Malaysia present and promote their products. Also, there will be booths for 'CAST' and 'K-Wonderland' which are ongoing projects in KOFICE.

CAST supports small and medium enterprises looking to develop overseas markets through Hallyu. Our work in this area promotes hand-in-hand growth between Hallyu and related industries, while also extending the frontiers of Hallyu.

K-WONDERLAND is a metaverse Hallyu theme park which opens 24/7!
We provide K-contents for global fans beyond the physical and temporal boundaries through metaverse. Everyone can be a K-star, K-contents creator in here!
Please search K-WONDERLAND in ZEPETO world.